Hydravong Deluxe Package

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The HydraVonG Deluxe Pack with DynaCoil


The Dark Wood HydraVonG Stem is paired with the Titanium Spinning Mouthpiece in this Deluxe Kit. The VapCap is rounded out with an XL Condenser, a Titanium Tip, and The Cap, and stands at 109mm. Also included in this Pack is a DynaStash XL ER: Wenge, an empty Cyclone Torch, DynaWax, 5 x High Temp o-rings, 3 x Condenser o-rings (2 small, 1 large), 1 x Titanium CCD, and the DynaCoil. This Pack is the perfect way to get the complete HydraVonG setup with a concentrate adapter included.

*We strongly recommend the routine use of DynaWax to clean and moisturize the wood.*
**Coloration and/or grain patterns may vary.**
***HydraVonG comes packaged in complimentary plastic storage tube.***


  • Hydravong dark wood
  • Titanium Spinning Mouthpiece
  • DynaStash XL
  • DynaWax
  • 5 x High Temp o-rings
  • 3 x Condenser o-rings (2 small, 1 large)
  • Titanium CCD
  • Cyclone Torch
  • DynaCoil
  • Manual
Maggiori Informazioni
TypePen Vaporizer
Heat-up time10 Seconds
Oven materialTitanium
Energy SourceLighter / Flame
Chamber Capacity0.1g
Haptic feedbackNo
Pass-Through ChargingNo
Item ReturnsThis item can be returned
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